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The Tram

The Tram

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The Story

The Tram is Hong Kong's century-old mode of transport, and one of great livelihood importance to local residents and visitors. Inspired by this, our rendition pays homage to the local heritage of where Wristbone was ultimately founded. Despite the city's modern ways, our appreciation for the ding ding and its rustic charm runs deep.

This unique pair of cufflinks are crafted from antique brass and coated with silver-tone rhodium. This combination of material provides the brawn to withstand your daily routine, whilst bestowing a smooth refined finish.

Product Notes

  • Dimensions: 19mm (Length) x 11mm (Height) x 4mm (Depth)
  • Weight: 0.02kg
  • Material: Antique brass plated with silver-tone rhodium
  • Fitted with whaleback clasp
  • Comes with black cufflink trunk for shipping and general safekeeping
  • Microfibre cloth for general cleaning to avoid tarnish
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