The origins of ‘Wristbone’ come from the simple notion that cufflinks act like an extension of your wrist to keep the cuffs of shirt safely fastened together in a discreet yet discerning manner. 

Truth be told, Wristbone began as a passion project one late night in 2016. Our flustered quest for a pair of original, creative yet affordable cufflinks seemed so elusive without breaking the bank. Average quality existed at one end of the spectrum, whilst few lofty options appeared to be worth taking a chance on. We saw a gap in the market, so we went for it. 

Trial and error quickly became our mantra for the journey ahead. Bitten by a series of unfortunate encounters with several suppliers and nasty sample surprises, fate eventually rewarded our perseverance. To marry creative design and practical craftmanship, we knew that it was paramount to work closely with a partner that we trusted and shared our core values - lucky for us, we were able to find just that. Fast forward three years, Wristbone officially launched in the fall of 2019 and are proud purveyors of cufflinks that have been prototyped many times over and refined into the product we offer today. 

At the heart of it all, our vision is to design and curate an eclectic collection of subtle and playful cufflinks crafted from fine materials for the refined gentleman. We believe simply knowing you look good transforms your body language and attitude.

Our creative philosophy is a culmination of soul, heritage and travel. But more often than not, many of our ideas can be attributed to fleeting everyday moments; a glass of whiskey between two old friends, a momentary lapse during an endless meeting or a brisk walk through the local market.

Jonathan L.

1 December 2019