Our collection

Subtle But Substantial

Our philosophy is one of great importance: to be purveyors of the quintessential accessory to the refined gentleman. Our cufflinks provide the perfect finishing touch to a dapper, classic look.

And of course, a little bit of gentlemanly mischief. 

High Quality Craftsmanship

Using age-old techniques, our cufflinks are made with antique metals and the highest quality craftsmanship. Each pair is designed and built with a contemporary blend of handcraft and machinery by skilled smiths who have had 20 years of experience.  

Hidden Talents

Most true gentlemen will agree that there is never a need to boast about one's talents unless necessary. In similar fashion and truly hidden from view most of the time, one of the best things about our cufflinks is the classic whaleback back clasp.

Fitted with a three-piece mechanical structure, the clasp was specifically engineered to provide superior durability and longevity.